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Boring and milling machine M-Arx

Technical Details

  • X axis (mm) 20.000
  • Y axis (mm) 5.000
  • Z axis (mm) 2.100
  • Rotating surface size  (mm x mm x T) 2.500 x 3.000 x 40
  • CNC Selca S404
  • Static RTCP rotating surfaces
  • Static RTCP in the area
  • RTCP statico nello spazio


Boring and milling machine Fpt Area

Technical Details

  • Y axis (mm)  12.000
  • Y axis (mm) 3.500
  • Z axis (mm)  1.100
  • Rotating surface size  (mm x mm x T) 2.000 x 1.800 x 20
  • CNC Selca S4045

Boring and milling machine Fpt Area

Technical Details

  • X axis (mm)  9.000
  • Y axis (mm)  2.500
  • Z axis (mm)  1.100
  • Rotating surface size (mm x mm x T) 2.500 x 3.000 x 20
  • CNC Selca S4045
  • Static RTCP rotating surface
  • Static RTCP in the area

Machining centre Fpt Castel Terus 180

Technical Details

  • X axis (mm)  3.000
  • Y axis (mm)  1.800
  • Z axis (mm)  1.800
  • Rotating surface size (mm x mm x T) 2.500 x 3.000 x 10
  • CNC Heidenhain iTNC530 HSCI
  • Horizontal axis rotating surface diam. Max Workable 1.500 (mm)
  • Static RTCP Rotating Surfaces
  • Static RTCP in the area


Bed-type milling machine Deber Dinamik

Technical Details


  • X axis (mm) 3.500
  • Y axis (mm) 1.500
  • Z axis (mm) 700
  • CNC Selca S3035


Machine 7: Parallel lathe Pontiggia SFE 800

Technical Details

  • Turning diameter (mm): 1˙600
  • X axis (mm) 6˙000

tornio verticale KDM 12-16/F

CNC Vertical lathe and Turning center KDM 12-16/F

Technical Details

  • Max turning diam (mm) 2.200
  • Max turning height (mm) 1.750
  • Distance from table to spindle end (mm) 1.655
  • Max loading of workpiece (Kg) 10.000
  • CNC FANUC 3li-A


Our company owns 4 large departments:

n.2 Parallel lathes with diam. view. 800 x 3000.

n.1 Lathe Comev with numerical check diam. 300 x 2000.

n.3 Radial drills of different sizes fitted with accessories.

n.1 Universal slotting machine.

n.1 Vertical slotting machine.

n.1 Hydraulic press T. 500.

n.1 Hydraulic press T. 200, L 4200 with numerical check.

n.1 Guillotine shear 16 x 4050.

n.1 Guillotine shear 20 x 3000 with numerical check.

n.1 Pyramid bending machine.

n.1 Double-adjustment bending machine.

n.5 Band saws for metals.

n.2 Automatic punching machines.

n.11 MIG welders.

n.12 electronic welders.

n.1 Electrode welder

n.2 Inverter welders

n.1 T.i.g. welding machine

n.1 Machine for plasma cutting.

n.1 Automatic oxycutting machine 12000 x 3000 with numerical check

n.10 Cranes from 10 to 32 T.

n.1 Electric forklift 4 T.


We also have a cabin for the painting of details, perfectly equipped for heavy parts handling.



The assembly department is totally isolated from the rest of the production in order to keep very clean.
Inside it there is our personnel specialised in mechanical, electrical and electronic assembling.

We can also perform tests on customers’ demand.


Our production is divided into 4 main areas:
mechanical process, Industrial machines and automation, hydroelectric turbines , parts for the production of iron and steel.



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